Edy's Vehicle Physics

Category: Editor Extensions
Publisher: Edy

Price: $60

This extension requires one license per seat

Requires Unity 4.5.3 or higher.

Unity 5 compatible

EVP brings realistic and fun vehicles to your games! Designed for gameplay, ease of use, and realistic behavior.

Beta version: the features from the previous Unity 4 version are being added gradually as the package is rewritten for the new vehicle physics system. Feedback is welcome!

Features | Documentation | Live demo

- GTA-style physics: fun and realistic vehicles configured for gameplay.
- Vehicles can be rigged and configured in minutes (Video tutorial)
- Easy integration into existing projects: just drop a prefab in your scene and hit and play.
- Vehicle damage effects, including deterioration of handling.
- Multiple ground materials supported, including per-material grip and drag coefficients, ground marks, skid marks, smoke, dust, etc.
- Lots of audio effects: engine, turbo, transmission, tire skid, body impacts, body scratches...
- Built-in “Pause” function for vehicles without setting timeScale to zero.

Implementation details:
- Full C# source code.
- A single component VehicleController provides fully working vehicle physics.
- Additional features available as add-on components: damage, audio, tire effects (marks, smoke, dust), visual effects, standard input, sample random AI input.
- Easily write your own add-on features by using the exposed properties and delegates.
- Custom PBR shader for tire marks.
- Custom shaders for particle effects (smoke, dust) with shadows.
- Fixes the WheelCollider problems in Unity 5.
- Garbage-Collector friendly. No GC allocations in runtime.
- Supports any physics timestep up to 0.06

UPGRADE NOTES: Unfortunately projects from Unity 4 cannot be upgraded directly due to the major changes in Unity 5 physics. You can import the new package into a project upgraded from Unity 4, but the vehicles won't be upgraded. The new package places the scripts in a new folder (EVP5). An explicit upgrade process is required. Check out the Readme and the upgrade notes.

Version: 5.0 beta 4 (Aug 24, 2015) Size: 30.4 MB Visit Publisher's Website Support Website

Originally released: 10 March 2011
Package has been submitted using Unity 4.5.3, and 5.0.0 to improve compatibility within the range of these versions of Unity.

Package Contents

bus engine.wav
Car Engine Run 01.wav
car rumble.wav
engine loop.wav
gravel loop 1.aiff
hood impact 7.wav
hood impact 8a.aiff
metal scratch.aiff
scrape loop 4.aiff
scrape loop 8.aiff
skid loop 4.aiff
tire impact low.aiff
tire impact mid.aiff
truck engine.wav
Physic Materials
Ground Material Manager.prefab
Main Camera.prefab
Sport Coupe.prefab
The City.prefab
Readme (seriously!).txt


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User Reviews

2 years ago

This review was submitted for a previous version of the package.

Fantastic Car Physics

(17 of 19 found this review helpful)

I used this car physics in multiple games now and it rocks. Exactly my style of car physics - GTA like. Love it!

For anyone wanting a C# version: I converted the source and sent it to Edy. It's available on request.

Reply from publisher

1 year ago

Thank you!

Starting at version 4.4 the package structured so it can be easily used from C# code. Simply move the "/EdyVehiclePhysics/Scripts" folder into the "/Plugins" folder (create it if it doesn't exist). Read the Readme file for details.

1 year ago

This review was submitted for a previous version of the package.

C# by request

(11 of 14 found this review helpful)

Need to request C# version by mail. That is annoying a little. Why not just put it in the package?

Reply from publisher

1 year ago

EDIT: Starting at version 5, the package is written in C# entirely.

1 year ago

This review was submitted for a previous version of the package.

Needs Mobile Support

(9 of 11 found this review helpful)

Once mobile support for tilting controls, touch to accelerate, ect become packaged in, It would be a 5* purchase. The reason for 3* is not only is mobile not supported, but it's not even been explained it doesn't support mobile.

If you need something only for a computer game, this is what you should get. Otherwise look elsewhere.

Reply from publisher

1 year ago

Sorry for the difficulties. Mobile is fully supported, but the package doesn't include a touch-based controller script. Vehicles can be controlled from scripting by setting straightforward properties: motorInput, brakeInput, steerInput, gearInput, handbrakeInput. Thus, any touch-based controller can be adapted in a snap.

I'd recommend trying "Sample Assets" (free) from the Store, as it contains a touch-based controller.

Prebafs are included so you can simply drag&drop them into your scene and they work immediately by reading the standard Input. This can be disabled so they receive the control parameters by scripting only.

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